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Think I'm gonna say goodbye...

...to this Livejournal.

It was nice when the crosspost function actually worked for my Wordpress blog but for some reason it doesn't work anymore and I don't really have the patience to copy and paste entries here.

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Hey everyone. I meant to post last week but kept getting interrupted in the middle of the entry and it just never happened. Oops! Last week was pretty terrible anyhow.

I spent hours yesterday trying to unplug a clogged toilet. Fun! Its still clogged, though. My dad’s going to stop by later in the week to see if he can fix it. Our plunger is terrible, so I’m hoping a better one will do the trick. Fingers crossed! Shawn and I spent Saturday watching most of Season 2 of Game of Thrones lol. We’ve still got a few episodes left, though. I’ve also started watching The Walking Dead on Netflix. Took me a few episodes to get into it (I feel like the pacing was very slow at first), but I love it now.

I’m trying to decide whether I want to stick with my Graze box subscription that I reviewed a couple entries ago. I LOVE the snacks they send, but the shipping is terrible. They ship from the UK, so it rarely ever gets here on the week its supposed to. Like my box from two weeks ago only just got to me last Friday. And the box for last week isn’t here yet either. By the time they get to me, the snacks are almost expired (though I’d still eat them…I’m not too strict about that stuff lol). Guess I’ll give it a couple more weeks to see if shipping improves.

My birthday is a little over a month away. Its terrifying knowing that I’ll be 26 soon. That sounds so old to me, but I guess it isn’t. Mid-twenties are weird. Everyone seems to be in different tracks in their lives. Some are living at home, some are married, and some are already having kids. And of course everything in between. Its crazy. I tend to compare my life to other people’s (thanks a lot, Facebook.) and its something I really shouldn’t do because everyone is different. But I just feel like I’m in some weird limbo right now and like I’m just waiting for my “future” to happen, but maybe I shouldn’t just be waiting for it. I don’t even know what I’m talking about but hopefully someone understands it LOL. It doesn’t help that I blink and like two years seems to have gone by.

Oh yea, I’ve re-designed Adorability Designs. I’m really loving the new look of it…much cleaner and easier to follow. Now I just need some clients (anyone??). :)

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Just discovered The Black Keys pretty recently. This song is amazing!


My First Graze Box!

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I received my first Graze box last week! For those who missed my previous post, Graze is a company that sends out boxes of healthy snacks each week (for $5/week). There are four snacks in each box, and your 1st and 5th boxes are free! Here’s what came in my first box:

  • cookies and cream mini chocolate cookies, roasted hazels, white chocolate buttons and sunflower seeds
  • el picante jumbo salted corn, hot chili peanuts and mini paprika breadsticks
  • summer berry compote berry compote with wholemeal shortbread dippers
  • tutti fruiti blueberry infused cranberries, pineapple, cherry infused raisins and green raisins

My favorite was definitely the el picanti! I’m a big fan of savory snacks (especially spicy), so I think I’m going to absolutely love the savory options they send out. The summer berry compote was delicious as well…almost too good because I kept wishing there were more than just 3 shortbread cookies! The cookies and cream was very yummy, though I felt like the sunflower seeds didn’t really go with the rest of the tastes. My least favorite was probably the tutti fruiti. It was a little bit on the tart/tangy side…I’m not a big dried fruit person.

You can rate each snack as “love”, “like”, “try”, and “trash”. If you rate something as “love” they will send it to you more often, and likewise if you rate it “trash” they will never send it to you again. Its a great rating system so that you only end up getting snacks that you will like!

Sign up for Graze If you’re in the US and want to sign up for Graze (could always get your 1st box free and then cancel), here is my invite code: Y4L6RND. As of right now, there are 2 invites left for that code.

Not sure if I’m going to review each box I get each week…is that something you guys would be interested in?


Condo Updates, Haircut, and Noms

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Hello everyone…hope you had a good weekend!

So we finally got some curtains for the condo. They look pretty nice, though they came with ties and I can’t find 2 of them (out of 6) so I’m not sure if they fell somewhere or if they were ever in the package. So strange! I guess there will be one window without the ties. Maybe I’ll be able to find fabric the exact same color somewhere. I wanted to put some pictures up of the living room, but we’re still lacking a rug :( I hope we’re able to find one that we both like soon. There were some pretty good options at IKEA, but none of the beige colors were really a beige (they were very gray-toned) and I think Shawn wants one with a pattern. I’m okay with just a solid color but oh welll haha.

We also got a mirror for the bedroom from IKEA, but apparently its super heavy and requires really strong bolts or whatever to hold it to the wall and one of them ended up putting a hole in the wall and going right through it. eek! I don’t think the drywall is strong enough. My dad is going to swing by this week to patch it up so hopefully it’ll look okay after that, although there’s still the problem of how to hang up the mirror. Any ideas? Right now its just leaning on the dresser against the wall…and I almost kind of like it that way haha.

I also got a haircut over the weekend at a little salon just a few blocks from me called SNIP. It was a little bit pricier than I’m used to (although still much less expensive than other salons in Center City would be). However, I absolutely love the cut and my bangs are finally the length I want them to be, so I think I will be returning for future haircuts :)

I’m trying out a new soup I made from a recipe on SkinnyTaste called Chicken Pot Pie Soup. It was fairly easy to make (well, not including the part where I mistakenly left it on high and had boiling milk exploding all over my stovetop). And its really yummy! I love making soups because there’s usually enough to last a couple weeks for lunches. I alternate with a sandwich or salad every other day. I’ve been having such a hard time finding good recipes for sandwiches that don’t take forever or involve a ton of ingredients. I’ve been doing BLT’s for a few weeks and I’m starting to get really tired of them haha. If anyone has any good sandwiches recipes, let me know in the comments! I’d love ones that incorporate avocado because I love avocado…although I’m not sure if its still in season. And speaking of food stuff, I signed up for this subscription program called graze box where they send you a box of healthy snacks each week. And like really interesting stuff, too! I haven’t gotten my first box yet, but I plan to review it on here when I do so you can see what I got. If anyone’s interested in signing up, I have an invite code. I can’t seem to find the code on the website, but I should be getting one in my box when I get it this week.

Tuneage Tuesday: Bush – Glycerine

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Haven’t done a Tuneage Tuesday in awhile! I’ve been trying to add some older songs that I like to my Itunes, and this is one that I’ve been listening to a lot lately!



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Hello all…we’re almost through month 1 of 2013. Can’t believe it will be February soon!

The condo is doing well and nothing has broken recently so that’s always a good thing. I keep forgetting to take pictures to post here…promise I will try to!

Shawn and I went out to dinner yesterday for restaurant week to Phillips Seafood. It was delicious, but it was four courses and I ate wayy too much haha. It was snowing pretty hard when we left to walk back. If only it had continued enough to warrant a snow day today :(

This week is going to be one of those weeks where I just don’t want to do absolutely anything. I don’t want to be at work now. Or the next 3 days. At all. I basically want to hide under a table and do something that involves absolutely no mental energy or social interaction.

I mean this post has taken forever for me to write and its only like five sentences haha.

All Moved In!

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Well we’re finally all un-packed and moved into the new condo!

I guess the moving process went fairly smoothly, all things considered. We did end up breaking the railing and a light in our old apartment trying to get the couch out. Hopefully my dad can fix it at some point, but if not I guess it’ll just have to come out of our security deposit. We were able to completely move our stuff out and in under 3 hours which was really fast! We had to move our stuff into the new place really quickly because its a one way street and we were basically blocking the street in order to park the truck. Most cars were pretty nice about it (although we did have to move a couple times to let some people out of parking spaces etc) but there was this one douche in a sports car that basically sat there beeping his horn behind the truck. Like wtf dude? Just turn your car around and go down another street…its not like there’s no way to get where your going if you can’t get down that one block. Luckily we were all unpacked by then, so my dad was able to move to let Mr. Toolbag through. But honestly we would have let him sit there beeping his horn all day if we weren’t about to leave anyway. Rude people piss me off so much.

Spent most of the weekend unpacking everything. The downstairs level of our condo is SO COLD…even with the heat on. We think its because there’s a door leading outside from there, and maybe its not that well insulated. We still need to paint, get area rugs for the living room and the bedroom, get a dresser, and hang up pictures (after its painted of course). I can’t wait to get area rugs because I’m not a huge fan of all the hardwood. I need something soft!

With all we have going on I kind of wish Christmas wasn’t like next week. Still have to get a gift for the office pollyanna and for Shawn’s parents and for my parents and for Shawn’s nephew. Guess I know what I’ll be doing all Saturday lol. Luckily I already ordered Shawn’s gift online…should be here tomorrow!

Anyone else like Christmas so much more when you were a kid? I feel like Christmas as an adult is just filled with annoying obligations. Like I just want to sit at home with people I actually like being around and drink hot cocoa (with some Bailey’s!) and sit in front of a Christmas tree and watch Christmas movies and listen to Christmas music. I don’t want to stress out over buying people shit and being social with people. Like I don’t understand the purpose of getting grown adults presents if they’re not part of your immediate family and have actually told you what they’d like. And I hate when people don’t like gift cards because they think its “lazy” or whatever and want some kind of “surprise”. It just places more stress on the gift-giver to try and figure out wtf they want. And if they don’t like the “surprise” its just a complete waste. I’ve gotten so many gifts over the years that I just don’t like. I’d rather just not get anything than get something I’m not going to use at all or have to go through effort to return. And the last thing I ever want to do is place stress on someone else to have to think about what to get me.

Okay I’ll end my Grinch-y Christmas rant now! =p

I’ll be sure to take pictures of the new place once we actually have everything!

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I’ve been loving this song! For some reason I never knew it was by Snow Patrol. It was in the background of a TV show I was watching and I had to Google it haha.

In other news, I’m moving into the new condo this weekend so I will definitely update on how that goes!


Collection of Random Topics

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I feel like I’ve been posting here way more often than my beauty blog! What has the world come to?

Its getting down to the wire for settlement for the new condo! Over the Thanksgiving holiday, we purchased a few items: two nightstands from IKEA (we want the matching dresser but its sold out :(( ), a little TV, and a few kitchen items. Big items that we still need are a futon, and of course the dresser. Its this one…not in store in our store but available online. I’m not paying $100 for shipping, though, so I’ll have to wait until it comes back in stock. We also need to get a couple area rugs. For some reason I have such a hard time with rugs. I can never find one that I think is perfect, and I feel like there’s so many gaudy patterns out there. We may just end up getting a plain one without a pattern. I’m pretty sure we also need to get blinds for all our windows. And I need to get stuff for the second bathroom. Oh my bank account is not going to be in a happy place when January hits haha.

I think I’m the only person on Earth who doesn’t want to win the Powerball? Like if I actually won that, I’d be more worried and anxious about all the attention I would get than actually being happy that I won a very large sum of money. The thought of winning some HUGE thing is so scary to me. I think I’d rather win like $1,000 or something…much less attention, and I’d be pretty happy I won it. Why am I so strange? lol

So I tried making homemade pizza last weekend. It was going well but I needed yeast for the bread dough, and it was nowhere in our grocery store. Our store is small and terrible, but I still couldn’t believe they didn’t have it. Do any of you bakers out there know if yeast (specifically active dry yeast) is usually available in grocery stores? Only because I’m going to try a different grocery store this weekend, but don’t want to make the trip if its not going to be there too! I still ended up making the pizza with some pre-packaged dough…it turned out alright, but I should have let it get a bit crispier.

I am loving the chilly weather we’re having. I don’t even like cold weather itself (its more-so that I prefer it to extremely hot weather…uck!). I think I like the winter season because I like staying inside, and I feel like sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket watching Netflix for several hours is more socially acceptable in the winter than in the spring and summer haha. I also love cold weather clothes and fashions way more than summer. I wish it would snow here, though. We haven’t really had any snow yet (or anything substantial at least).

Speaking of Netflix, does anyone have any suggestions for TV shows to watch on Netflix or Hulu? I’m just finishing up Doctor Who and was thinking about American Horror Story. I’d also like to watch Revolution, but the first few eps aren’t on Hulu unless I pay for that Hulu Plus crap which I had before and wasn’t worth it.